Realizing the Potential of Beulah, Together.

Beulah is a thriving community with endless potential. To get there, we need your help to make our community the best it can be.
Be included among those to know about upcoming events and initiatives that will help shape the future of Beulah. Your involvement is critical to making sure we establish a better Beulah for future generations.
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Make Your Voices Heard

It's important to hold our county commissioners accountable
to their promises and the needs of the community.

Who to reach out to:

Please consider sending a letter to each of our county commissioners:

Jeff Bergosh
Mike Kohler
Lumon May
Robert Bender
Steven Barry

Please consider sending a letter to some news outlets:

Pensacola News Journal
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Talking Points:

  • The DPZ master plan was created with input from 860 community members and should be adhered to.
  • The DPZ plan was developed by one of the world's top master planners, with input from Navy Federal.
  • Commissioner Robert Bender created a compromise plan that the BCC agreed to and voted into the Land Development Code.
  • The DPZ plan and design code will protect Beulah from the type of development seen on East Nine Mile Road.
  • The DPZ plan has less residential zoning and more potential for light industrial zoning in the future.
  • Beulah needs a true town center, not just a shopping center, that reflects the individual character of the community.
  • Beulah residents want unique experiences that draw on the community's identity and are not just chain stores.
  • The community wants better jobs than those typically associated with light industrial zoning.
  • The DPZ plan can serve the whole county as a weekend destination with a variety of activities such as farmer's markets, community gardens, and pontoon boat rides.

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Join the Conversation: Contribute Your Ideas for a Better Beulah
We want to hear from you! If you have ideas on how to ensure Beulah develops according to our community's needs, please share them with us. Your input is valuable, and we welcome your participation in shaping the future of Beulah.